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Industrial Sewing Machines 

From Lockstitch to Chainstitch, We offer Excellent range of best Industrial Sewing Machines in UAE.

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AED 11,000.00

Treasure handle Operated Chain Stitch Machine.

Features of Chain-stitch Machine:

  • Chain Stitch handle operated embroidery machines
  •  Universal feed movement enabling free stitching in any shape or form
  •  Adjustable needle plate
  • Operator friendly with less maintenance
  • Applicable for Moss stitch, braiding and tape attaching


  • Stitch Specifications : Single thread chain stitch
  • Feed : Universal feed movement
  • Stitch length : 3.5 mm
  • Pressure foot lift : 5 mm
  • Needle : 137×1TR for Chain stitch, Braiding
  • 137×1SM for Moss stitch


AED 2,650.00

Siruba 737K- Hight Speed 3 thread Overlock Machine.


For regular seaming on light to medium fabric.:

  • A: Single row feed dog. For regular seaming on light to medium fabric.

  • Mock 516 seaming For regular seaming on light to medium fabric.
    For regular seaming on light to medium fabric.

  • Specially suitable for small production workshop, and fashion design studio. A variety of five different sewing types by changing number of needle and looper.

To prevent seam looseness, turn over the thread and then insert into overlock seaming at the beginning of sewing. For sleeve and sideways sewing of underwear, sportswear etc.

Patented high efficient & energy-saving direct-drive design (700KD)

– Integrated machine frame design.
– Built-in servo motor. Fast responsiveness, quiet, and low vibration. Easy speed setting.
– Built-in synchronizer, hand wheel is free of obstacle.
– Needle position function.
– High efficiency, energy saving, integrated electrical system.

More user friendly features:

– Needle bar height adjustment without opening machine.
– Lower looper holder fine tune mechanism.
– Chainstitch fine tune mechanism: Open the rare cover to adjust stitch length easily.
– Needle plate thread groove leads to perfect loop.
– 5 cm height sewing area offers better cloth movement.

AED 3,500.00

Daimoku Chain-stitch Embroidery Machine.

Silent features:

  • Universal feed movement allows free-hand stitching in any shape, form, style or direction.

  • Adjustable needle plate accommodates a variety of needle sizes threads
  • Easy hand-operated clutch control.
  • Easy-to-change hook needle.
  • Uses all types of thread:cotton, silk, wool, metal and synthetic.
  • Equipped with device for changing form.


AED 1,250.00

 Economical and reliable than other lock-stitch machines.

Siruba L-917 has high compatibility and ease of operation. It comes standard with knee lift and is perfect for the beginner or if your looking to replace an older machine.


Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7 mm
Stitch Length: 0-5 mm
Presser Foot: By Hand: 5.5 / By knee: 10-13
Needle: DBX1 #11-18
Maximum Sewing Speed: 4,500 S.P.M
Lubrication: Automatic

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