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Janome Sewing Accessories 

Take a look through our excellent range of Janome Accessories like presser Feet, bobbins, needles & threads.

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AED 8.00

Janome Blue tip Embroidery Needles 

A Janome specific needle, the Blue Tip needle has a unique design with a pierce point plus a slightly long than normal scarf to cure skipped stitches and puckering in any problem fabric especially synthetics.

The Blue Tip needles has the shaft size and type of point that gives your machine great performance on all kinds of medium weight fabrics--whether it's embroidery, quilting, or making garments. 

Like all Janome needles, the Blue Tip has been designed to help your machine to stitch its best. And it will work on all Janome Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machines. 

AED 100.00

Easy to use Janome Spool Stand for Embroidery Machines.

This accessory works with the following Janome Embroidery Machines:

The four pin spool stand attaches easily to the handle of your machine. When using multiple colors of embroidery thread it makes for trouble-free embroidery, as it allows you to set out your colors as you sew.

AED 17.00

Specialized Janome Needle to cut through leather with the greatest of ease.

The Janome Leather Sewing Machine Needles have a specialized head on them to cut though leather with the greatest of ease, as well as synthetic materials like vinyl and rubber. This mixed pack includes different sizes to be used with different weighted materials. 

AED 30.00

Janome presser feet for Horizontal Rotary Hook Machines

Sewing on beads and pearls has always been a tedious task but the Janome Beading Feet can now go some small way to alleviating this and to add pleasure to embellishing. Popular for bridal wear, evening wear, smart/casual or craft, the Beading Foot set is ideal. There are two feet in the set, one with a narrow groove which will attach strung beads to 2mm in diameter and one with a wide groove which will attach beads 2.5 to 4mm in diameter.

AED 95.00

Multi functional professional Janome presser foot kit- 32 pieces 

Multi-functional Janome presser foot kit contains 32 different foots for almost all your sewing needs. It includes all the popular foot like normal or zippers foot, cording foot, overcast foot , satin/ straight stitch foot, shirring foot, edge joining foot and other special foots

Buy Janome Presser foot Kit now and get delivered across the UAE within 2 working days.

AED 25.00

Ideal Janome foot for kids clothing and home furnishing 

Pintucks are often associated with Heirloom Sewing especially children's clothes and christening gowns. But they can also give a whole new dimension to other aspects of sewing such as bed linen, table linen and other home furnishings.

Quick way to use Janome pintucking foot

  • Set the machine on the straight stitch.
  • Set the thread tension 7-9, the stitch length 1.8-2 and the width 0.
  • Use with light and medium weight fabrics.
  • Stretch the cloth in the front and back as you sew while guiding the pintuck previously sewn into the groove on the bottom of the Pintucking foot.

  Genuine Janome product in Janome Packaging 

AED 75.00

Upper/lower knife for Janome mylock 744d

This Janome serger knives are suitable for Janome MyLock 744d


Both knives of modern Janome models (upper and lower) are attached at bottom part of Overlocker. When installing such new knives on the serger you need to use the same rules. Lower serger knife must be mounted flush to needle plate (or just below - 1 mm). And the upper knife (in the lowermost position) must be below the lower knife, approximately 1.5 mm.

AED 120.00

Read Smocking Pleater Needles

Read smocking machine needles are available in packets of 12 and are nickel-plated, carbon steel needles that provide maximum durability and strength.

Suitable with 32/24 row smocking pleater

AED 25.00

Coats Dual Duty is a premium quality corespun thread with excellent wash-down characteristics ideal for denim wear and jeans.

AED 35.00
  • Great for any crafting or apparel project
  • Customize your project with a unique zipper
AED 40.00

Golden Metallic Embroidery Thread- High quality 


Material: Polyester, soft, smooth, durable, long storage time, can be used for a long time, won’t floss pilling and or falling apart.

AED 40.00

Metallic Embroidery Yarn-Silver

Material: Polyester, soft, smooth, durable, long storage time, can be used for a long time, won’t floss pilling and or falling apart.

100% brand new high quality embroidery thread


AED 35.00

Janome Ribbon Foot For Horizontal Rotary hook Machines

As with beads and pearls it is now so much easier to attach ribbons and even sequins with the help of our special ribbon/sequin foot. This foot is designed with guides through which ribbon or strung sequins can be inserted and it will allow them to feed through evenly as you sew. Besides affixing the ribbon, a wide ladder stitch can be used with narrow ribbon to make an easy and functional drawstring.

Compatible with Janome Sewing Machines


AED 80.00

Even Feed Foot with Quilting Guide For Rotatory Hook Models

Fits all Janome Sewing Machines that has front loading bobbin case

With this foot, fabric can be sewn without shifting or puckering since the fabric is gripped and fed by both upper and lower feed dogs. It works well with materials like knit, vinyl and leather.

AED 30.00

Darning Foot for Horizontal Rotary Hook Models

Sometimes referred to as the embroidery foot, the darning foot is used for "free hand" embroidery and darning to ensure proper stitch formation, minimize skipped stitches and puckering and also protect your fingers while you move your fabric freely under the needle. Especially beneficial to those just learning how to do free hand embroidery. The open toe version greatly improves visibility of stitches and is especially popular with quilters.

It’s great fun to do free-hand embroidery with a sewing machine. The stitching is controlled by the movement of your hands while manually guiding the fabric to follow your inspirations for unique designs.

 How to use Open Toe Darning Foot for Free-motion Embroidery and Quilting Click here

AED 60.00

Janome Blind Stitch Foot for Overlock Sewing machine

This foot creates the same invisible stitch seen on ready-made dresses like pants, skirts and even curtains. Simply install the foot, and line up your fold with the guide bar.

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