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Frequently asked Question on Janome Sewing Machine

  • How to adjust bobbin tension on Janome Sewing Machine?

The bobbin is a critical component in the sewing process. The bobbin tension should be adjusted to ensure that the fabric doesn’t loosen as it sews. we will take you through on how to adjust bobbin tension on a Janome Sewing Machine.

  1. Loosen the bobbin tension by turning the screw on top of your sewing machine
  2. Tighten the bobbin tension by turning the screw on top of your sewing machine in the opposite direction
  3. If you have a high-end model, you can adjust it with a dial on your sewing machine’s face
  4. Make sure to check for any other issues with threading or stitching before adjusting bobbin tension

Here is a instructional video:


You don’t have to take your machine in for service when something like this happens. Instead, just follow the simple guide and do it yourself. It only takes a few minutes and we promise you won’t regret learning this skill.

  • How to wind Bobbin Janome?

Winding a bobbin is an easy task, yet it is an important element in creating good stitch quality. All top loading Janome sewing machines use the same clear plastic bobbins for proper stitching. Metal bobbins interfere with the magnetic hook system. Good quality thread is also a must!

  1. To initiate the process, insert the thread through the hole in the bobbin, from the inside to the outside.
  2. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle, and push it to the right.
  3. Set the motor speed to medium so that the bobbin thread will wind evenly; and avoid stretching which often occurs when wound at the fastest speed.
  4. With the free end of the thread held in your hand, depress the foot control (or touch the start button)
  5. When the machine has made a few turns, stop and cut the thread tail close to the hole in the bobbin.
  6. Restart winding, and when bobbin is fully wound, it will stop automatically. It is important that the thread is wound evenly on the bobbin, and adjustment should be made if the winding is not cylindrical, or if the bobbin either overfills or underfills.

Here is instructional Video: 


  • Can you overlock on Janome Sewing Machine?

You can use attachments such as Janome overlock / overcast / overedge foot with an overcasting stitch to allow thread to wrap around the edge of the fabric to prevent fraying. The foot guides the fabric and keeps the edges flat by compensating for the lack of friction when the needle makes the right-most stitch.

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