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Industrial Embroidery Machine

Single Head Embroidery

Single head embroidery machine brings value to your small scale business.

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Two Head Embroidery

Two Head Embroidery Machine is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of Embroidery projects.

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Three Head Embroidery

Three Head embroidery machine is powerful, robust for your industrial embroidery works.

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#Featured Sewing Machine

Explore the Featured Sewing Machines from Janome and Juki!

Embroidery Designs

Arabic Quote
AED 15.45
Palestine in Arabic
AED 15.45
Quranic Ayah
AED 10.30

Embroidery Thread

Janome embroidery machine

Unleash boundless creativity

Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with the Janome MC450E Embroidery Machine.

Embroidery Machine

Where imagination and thread intertwine, creating artistry stitch by stitch. Unlock the extraordinary with Janome Embroidery Machines, elevate your creativity, stitch by stitch, and turn fabric into stunning works of art.

Looking for online Embroidery Digitizing?

Experience exceptional embroidery digitizing services online with precise attention to detail, transforming your designs into stunning stitched masterpieces.

Designs Digitized

Happy Customers

Janome 2212LE and the seller's service

I was pondering over a sewing machine model before buying. "Nooras" representative explained me everything in detail and I felt the person wanted to help me , not to sell the most expensive model. I am so gratefully to the company for their support in choosing the best model in terms of quality and price. Well done, guys. :)
Purchased: Janome 2212LE
Nataliia Borysenko

Great Machine / Excellent customer

I'm so glad to choose your company for my very first purchase, I need to mention I have received good customer service from Mr. Mohammed. and received the machine on time. Janome MC230E Embroidery Machine is a perfect machine for beginner level and who is already in the industry .surelychoose your company again in the future too. It is very easy to use as well. Thank you Nooras. ae.
Purchased: Janome MC230E Embroidery Machine

Payment, Communication, Delivery, Convenient

Delivery was fast, even adjusted as per the special request for my convenience. Good communication and flexible payment system.
Purchased: Janome 808A PD
Hamid Naseem Ibrahim

Best Seller

I am very happy with the services and their commitment for delivery, which was promised next day. And I was surprised to receive call from courier having delivery in same day to Abudhabi from Dubai within 9 hours of confirmation.c
Purchased: Janome 808APD
Mohammad Misbah

Love the Service!

Wow! Wow! Wow! The service was amazing! I had trouble ordering online, and the employee was super helpful and messaged with me and then got me my machine the next day. So great!
Purchased: Janome 2030DC



Sewing Machine

Our selection of stitching Machine offers a range of features like adjustable speeds and stitch types to help you sew faster and stitch thick fabrics like wool, denim and leather. Be sure to check out our Sewing Machine accessories so that you have everything you need to start your masterpiece.

Janome Sewing Machine

Experience the art of seamless stitching with our Janome sewing machine – designed for precision, durability, and creative possibilities

Sewing Machine Dubai

Discover top-notch brands, innovative features, and expert guidance to enhance your sewing projects. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, we provides the tools you need to bring your creative visions to life with precision and style.

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