AED 5,300.00 AED 4,995.00
Janome MC550E Embroidery Machine
Janome MC550E - Embroidery Machine with the largest workspace. With 180 built in embroidery designs , 6 fonts and 2 and 3 letter monogramming and four hoops included! The new RE36b is an exclusive Embroidery hoop to the 550E and has...
AED 5,300.00 AED 4,995.00
AED 4,410.00 AED 4,320.00
Janome MC450E Embroidery Machine
Janome MC450E, ultra-simple, easy to use embroidery machine.  Embroidery Machine Janome memory craft 450E is Best selling Embroidery Machine in UAE The Janome MC450E is tailored for the user who wants to simply drag an embroidery file, and drop it into...
AED 4,410.00 AED 4,320.00
AED 1,780.00
Janome MC230E Embroidery Machine
Reflect your personal sense of style with the Janome Memory Craft 230E. EMBROIDERY MACHINE Janome MC230E is best Embroidery machine for Embroidery patches, logo making, name badges etc. Now make your own custom Embroidery designs, easy to personalize, embellish and...
AED 1,780.00
AED 1,300.00
Janome Artistic Digitizer Jr
Introducing all new Janome Artistic Digitizer Jr with creative tools. Be the creative designer with Embroidery digitizing Software, the gift giver or the award winner; with Janome Artistic Digitizer Jr,  create and embellish any project easily with this robust embroidery, sewing and...
AED 1,300.00
AED 2,450.00
Janome Artistic Digitizer
Janome Artistic Digitizer - Full Version Janome Embroidery software Easy to use digitizing software with a huge number of functions and editing options, no problem to convert a image in to a sewn wall hanging, or create customer designs of...
AED 2,450.00
Janome MC9900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Take your creative expression in any direction you can imagine with the Janome MC9900.  Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine JANOME QUALITY EMBROIDERY The MC9900 has embroidery stitch quality that few top-of-the line machines can match. With a newly designed stitch...
AED 6,800.00 AED 6,400.00
AED 16,900.00 AED 14,995.00
Janome MB7 Professional Embroidery Machine
World's First multi Needle Embroidery Machine- Janome MB-7 The MB7 Janome multi thread Embroidery Machine is the perfect tool to help you conquer your next embroidery project. This innovative machine is built to work with embroidery formats used by industry...
AED 16,900.00 AED 14,995.00
Janome MC370E Embroidery Machine
Just snap in your hoop and press a key for magic Janome MC370E is similar to Janome MC350E Embroidery Machine Make ready to wear garments uniquely yours or monogram pillowcases and towels for a thoughtful gift. The Memory Craft 370E...
AED 2,990.00
Janome Digitizer MBX V5.5
Janome Digitizer MBX Coverts your digitized files into Stitches  Simply import your image to fill with stitches automatically or use your image as a background which you fill with your digitized stitches. You may already have an array of embroidery...
AED 2,350.00

Embroidery Machine

Begin your professional style embroidery, the computerized Embroidery Machine range allows for the classy & perfect embroidery! Janome is the world's premier manufacturer of quality multi needle embroidery machine Janome MB7.

Janome makes best Embroidery Machine for home business

Make your own embroidery and artistic homewares with the help of a Janome Embroidery Machine.



Sewing Machine

Discover our range of Sewing Machine which will help you make the most out of your sewing experience. Whether you are a skilled sewist or an enthusiastic beginner, Janome's complete line of smart, accessible machines can deliver the precise, professional and beautiful results you expect. Janome is a category leader in innovation and our machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.
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