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Round knife Fabric Cutting Machine
 8-sided Round type Industrial fabric cutter Blade Size 4 inches/100mm Cutting capacity 1inch/25mm Blade Shape 8 sided knife Electricity 220 ~ 240V   Extra Thin Base Plate An Exclusive Extra Thin Base Plate guarantees a precision and a Smooth Cutting...
AED 310.00
Octa KM RS-100 4" Round Knife Fabric Cutter
Octa KM Industrial fabric Cutter Blade Size 4 inches/100mm Cutting capacity 1inch/25mm Blade Shape 8 sided knife Blade Material High speed steal Weight 2.9KG Electricity 220 ~ 240V   Lower Blade Mechanism and Octagon Shaped Circular Knife“OCTA” gives you a...
AED 1,200.00
AED 1,000.00
Fabric Cutting Machine
8 Inch Straight Blade Fabric Cutting Machine High speed cloth cutter equipped with 8-Inch straight blade, with a high rotary speed: 2850 RPM, suitable for multi-layer cloth, it’s cutting height is 6.3". Widely used to be leather cutters, wool cutters....
AED 1,000.00
AED 750.00
KM RS 50 Fabric Cutting Machine
Fabric cutting Machine Handheld Rotary 50mm Knife Blade Cloth and Fabric Cutting Machine with 2" Hex Circular Blade and Built-in Sharpening Stone. Key features: A light 600-gram plastic body for easy handling. A heptagonal upper blade that, with the lower...
AED 750.00

Cutting Machine

A fabric Cutting Machine is an essential item for any sewing or quilting projects, mainly used for cutting different kinds of fabric strips, sheets and other products.

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Sewing Machine

Discover our range of Sewing Machine which will help you make the most out of your sewing experience. Whether you are a skilled sewist or an enthusiastic beginner, Janome's complete line of smart, accessible machines can deliver the precise, professional and beautiful results you expect. Janome is a category leader in innovation and our machines are recognized throughout the industry for their ease-of-use and unsurpassed stitch quality.

Top Tips For Choosing A Sewing Machine

Are you a beginner sewist shopping for your first Sewing machine? With  hundreds of options, choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. Here are some handy hints to look out for.....

FAQs for Janome Sewing Machine

Frequently asked Question on Janome Sewing Machine How to adjust bobbin tension on Janome Sewing Machine? The bobbin is a critical component in the sewing process. The bobbin tension should be adjusted to...
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